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Larger and commonly used equipment are shared resources owned and operated by the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute (AFCRI) and the Department of Cancer Biology (CBIO). For quality assurance, use is restricted to members of AFCRI-CBIO. All personnel must receive permission and training before operating any common equipment.

Permissions vary; see also:
Equipment Reservation and USE Guidelines

Equipment List

Collaborating researchers may request permission to use selected common equipment if the use is related to a sponsoring AFCRI-CBIO Investigator.

Please use this form to request access, username, and password (if applicable) .

Each form requires a sponsoring AFCRI-CBIO member signature* for processing.

Return forms and direct questions to:
Research Facility Lab Support Services
rm 509 BRB II/III
office/voice: 215-898-0266
email Research Facility Lab Support Services

  • It is required to inform RF if you intend to share any AFCRI-CBIO equipment.
  • Use of sign-up logbooks where stationed is required.
  • Some instruments require online reservations. Please see "Equipment Calendar Reservations" from the menu bar for a list of instruments that require online sign up
  • Sign in procedures are strictly enforced.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw access based on department demand

    RF provides training and can address questions about Departmental equipment.

    Department members should submit requests for access or training to our:Helpdesk

    We expect all users to be good citizens; the condition of shared equipment affects all end users.

    *Collaborator request PI approval is department specific to equipment ownership. Inquire to RF

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