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Freezer Monitoring

The Research Facility Lab Services Team (RF) is on call 24/7/365 providing first response to critical low-temperature and cryogenic storage system alarms and other urgent events or equipment failure.

In November 2013, RF implemented a full roll out of a wireless freezer monitoring system purchased through Aegis Scientific. The System is maintained by RF, provides live and historical temperature data, adding another layer of security to protect priceless research.

All AFCRI-CBIO Department -80’C and LN2 storage freezers are provided a wireless remote temperature sensor monitored by RF.

AFCRI-CBIO Department -20’ freezers, manual fill dewars or other ‘personal’ lab items are considered a lab responsibility with each lab determinining necessary oversite. Aegis offers several options for monitoring devices (-20C, 4C, room temperature, incubator temp-humidity, etc.). AFCRI-CBIO labs are welcome to utilize the monitoring software for individual lab equipment as needed. Additional monitors are purchased separately by the lab and labs are required to set up at least one designee as first the responder for individual equipment.

For more information, please inquire via the Helpdesk .

Active lab designees can access the Aegis AFCRI Monitoring System by logging in with your Aegis username and password.

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