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The Penn II Risk Model-
What is the Penn II Model?
  • This model can be used to predict the pre-test probability, or prior probability, that a person has a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. In general, individuals with at least a 5-10% chance of having a mutation in either gene are considered good candidates for genetic testing.
    This model does not predict breast cancer risk. It focuses only on the chance that an individual has inherited a mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2.

Instructions for use
  1. Please answer the following questions.
  2. Information from a single lineage in the family should be used and restricted to three generations.
  3. If there is cancer history present on both the maternal and paternal sides, each lineage should be entered separately.
  4. Since this model depends on the family history being accurate, attempts should be made to confirm the family history with pathology reports, epecially for cases of ovarian cancer
  5. Further information can be found by clicking the question icon
Part A. Select the Side of the Family in Question: Maternal Paternal

Part B. Please provide Following Information:
no yes
1. Presence of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry?
2. Number of women in family diagnosed with both breast and ovarian cancer?
3. Number of individual women in family diagnosed with ovarian or fallopian tube cancer in the absence of breast cancer?
4. Number of breast cancer cases in family diagnosed in individuals under the age of 50?
5. What is the age of the youngest breast cancer case?
no yes
6. Presence of mother-daughter breast cancer diagnosis in family?
7. How many individuals with bilateral breast cancer in family?
8. Number of male breast cancer diagnoses in family?
no yes
9. Presence of pancreatic cancer in family?
10. Number of prostate cancer diagnoses in family?

Part C. Closest Relative with Breast or Ovarian Cancer:

Part D. Patient Information (Optional- for use on report only):
1. Patient's first name
2. Patient's last name
3. Patient's age
4. Clinic location